Month: May 2012

Maps for good eaters in London

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London is a big city and you get lost really easily. Many people are used to use Google maps and find places to eat or have entertainment. Anyway the information there might not be enough sometimes and this is why you should make a research on internet or talk with people who have been to a certain place and can give you a reliable feedback.


Good advice I can give you when it comes to maps for good eaters is to try the so called TripAdvisor. Select and filter the options by “cheap eats” and after that order the restaurant according to the many customer reviews. You can use this link . This site has helped me a lot because after I find what I’m looking for I just print it and go to the area I have information about. Other information I can think of right now is the book of Timeout known as “Cheap eats in London”. Except all the useful information you are going to find there, the last ten pages are maps of restaurants and prices of food – after all this is what you have been looking for, right? Each restaurant is marked so it will be really easy to find it.

Actually you have thought of a really good idea. Carrying a map is the best decision you can take and you can find one in almost every major store. All you have to do is to pick up a location that you want to eat. By the way there is one more link you might find useful – It has lots of restaurants in there and you can see the prices in each one. In that way you may make a calculation and decide is it worth to give a try to a certain place or not. Important thing you have to know, even if you don’t have a map in your hands is that like every major city all over the world, the restaurants in the city center are more expensive than those situated in the neighborhoods. This doesn’t mean that the food offered there is more delicious – on the contrary, sometimes these restaurants rely mostly on their location and the flow of people, than the taste of their food. You can’t disagree with the fact that a restaurant in the center will be more visited than a restaurant in some quite street. This is why you have to be careful while choosing a place to eat.

At least you won’t find problems in finding Edinburgh apartment because there are plenty of choices. Two years ago I tried to find an apartment Venice but didn’t succeed. The result was the same when I wanted to visit Spain – I didn’t managed to find apartment Valencia. Probably because I started looking for one too late, but anyway, make sure you find your London accommodation in a decent location near the center because everything worth seeing will be close to you.

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