Choosing the Perfect Family Adventure Holiday in the USA

Want to take a boating holiday but not sure where to start? This guide will help you choose between all the different boating options. Yachting flotilla or canal boat? Which is best for you?

There many great reasons to take a boating holiday. Fresh air, relaxation and the opportunity to learn new skills. Depending on your previous experience or how confident you feel about handling a boat, you may want to look into the various different charter options. Some people will prefer to take a canal boat off with their friends and family alone. Others might prefer the fun that comes from sailing together in a group. Read on to find out more about the different options to help you decide which is right for you.


The type of boating holiday you choose will depend very much on what kind of itinerary you wish to take in along the way. If you have not sailed before, then a canal boat holiday can be a great choice to get you used to life on the waterways. When it comes to canal boat hire England has hundreds of miles of canals which can be safely explored with minimal prior experience of driving a boat. In fact, you don’t need to have ever driven a boat before in order to enjoy a canal boat holiday.

Canal boats are a great option for newcomers to boating as they are so easy to handle. Canal boat holidays are a wonderful way to relax and take in the sights of the English countryside while spending good quality time with your family and friends. You just let the river guide you along your way, stopping wherever you want and enjoying the surprises that reveal themselves along the riverbank.



For more experienced sailors, or those who want to go out with a large group of friends, flotilla holidays are a really unique experience. They are better suited to those who have some prior sailing experience, however, the fact that you travel together in a group eases much of the pressure of sailing alone. They are a truly companionable journey into new territory.

When you sail with a flotilla there will usually be a lead boat which helps you to find your way and will be there to provide back-up or support should you need it. This type of holiday is a great way to explore “unchartered” waters that you have not sailed on before, as there are plenty of opportunities to get advice or help. There is an element of fun on a flotilla holiday that is difficult to match anywhere else. Sailing with a larger group certainly makes for an interesting journey, with plenty of stories to tell when you return back home.

Flotilla or canal boat? It’s really up to you which you feel more comfortable with. Both types of holiday are fun, yet they provide a completely different experience. Decide what sights you want to see and choose your holiday to match.



Jeannette Smith writes regularly on Flotilla sailing holidays and Canal boat hire England for a range of outdoor pursuit’s websites and blogs. She loves sailing and taking long hikes across the countryside.

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